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Move to dodge; stand still and use your shell to reflect bullets back at baddies.  Stand around too long though and you suffer from 'shell shock' heheh (I'll show myself out now). Experiment with different play styles and find what works for you!

Current record is 1:13.70 by xkie.

If you pretty much make it to the end of the song, consider yourself a winner and you're better than the dev. I was going to add a boss but 48 hours is tough!!!!!

Blog time:
All in all, I'm pretty satisfied with the result given that this is my first game jam. It's definitely a lot of work though. I'm drained and I've got a ton of work emails piled up as a result of only focusing on this for the whole weekend. If nothing else though, I finally finished a game lol.

Made with GameMaker Studio 2.
Libraries used: TweenGMS, exCamera
Music used: Superbyte by Azureflux [link]
Sounds made with Bfxr
Fonts Used: Arcadepix, Pixelsplitter
Female Announcer Voice: ShirLee Akazawa

Install instructions

the dark souls of download instructions


KagamiKame1.1.zip 3 MB

Development log


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Great game! really fun and easy to get hooked on, its very impressive considering you made the game within 48 hours. P.S. Patrick Chou recommended this to me.

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Thank you so much for the kind words!!
And yes, thank you Patrick lmao. Let me know if you want to play DotA sometime lmao.

You are insane at the game! For those wondering, this champ currently holds the record.

Please post your high scores! I am curious to see how everyone did.

25 ;-;


I love it!

And I love you!!


This was a lot of fun! I really liked how the mechanics challenge you to get up real close to the enemies to reflect their stuff the easiest, which creates a risk-reward thingie

Thank you for the feedback! That was the idea haha. I hope you didn't find it too hard, I was thinking about tweaking some of the speed/hp values but unfortunately ran out of time :/


It was a good high difficulty in my opinion, I played it quite a bit. I also really liked the adaptive soundtrack ^^